VDL TIM Hapert is specialised in machining operations. We use most modern machinery. The combination of our know-how with these modern machines and advanced automation, enables us to successfully compete with products sourced from low-cost countries.

Automated cells

VDL TIM Hapert has several own robotized production cells in which the products undergo automated lathing and machining (mainly castings). 

Therefore no human operators are required. As a result, we produce a more consistent product quality at a lower cost price.

Machining centre

In our factory are several machining centres. The diversity of these maching centers are in particular the size of processing areas, and the number of pallets that can be used.


In our factory are several lathes. These lathes mainly differ from one another in terms of the size of the product that can be machined, and whether the machine is equipped with driven tool.

Hydraulic cylinders

VDL TIM Hapert produces the hydraulic cylinders for VDL Containersystems in various sizes. Both the length and the diameter can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer.

First tier-management

VDL TIM Hapert has extended experience as a first-tier supplier. We support our customers from the development phase right up to delivery of semi finished products or complete units. Essential to this is a good management and planning system. Smooth planning is especially vital when products not only undergo machining by VDL TIM Hapert, but also involve the painting or assembly of various parts, for example. As first-tier supplier we are fully responsible for the quality of our products.