VDL TIM Hapert was founded in 1971 by Piet van der Leegte Junior. Starting in a small building at Lemel in Hapert (the Netherlands), he focused on the maintenance of tools for the metal industry. Five years later the company moved to Nijverheidsweg, in an accommodation that was build completely under own managements. Skilled personnel poured the floor and constructed the roof. This joined efforts were the basis for the company slogan which is still used within the VDL Groep: ‘Strength through co-operation’.

In 1984, Piet van der Leegte Junior was tragically killed in a car accident and VDL TIM Hapert was taken over by Wim van der Leegte. This was followed by another move, first to Industrieweg, but later in 1991 to Energieweg in Hapert. The factory was renovated in 2008 and a new office was built, which is now the fixed location of VDL TIM Hapert. Many people from the founding years are still working at the company, because: "Once a VDLer, always a VDLer".

The company, which forms part of VDL Groep, is best known for its extensive machine park and pioneering position in the automation and robotization of production processes.